Bluebonnet Elementary School PTA - APEX Fun Run
Bluebonnet Elementary School PTA -

90% of Pledges have been Collected!

Tuesday's Pep Rally was so much fun!! Did you happen to catch the live video on Facebook? If not, watch it here.

Every teacher is given a portion of the pledges for their classroom from PTA. 
Here is what they have received: 

  • Fidget Spinners, Cubes, Marble Tray
  • Laminating Pouches, Colored Ink
  • Classroom Books
  • Basic Sight Word Flash Cards, Writing Supplies, Wobble Cushions, Classroom Decorations & Supplies
  • Sit Spots, Labels, Construction Paper
  • Braded Folders
  • Storage Containers, Labels, Classroom Decorations
  • Round Table, Science Boarder Trim, Bar Stools
  • File Folder Games, Adaptation Series Books
  • Classroom Library Books, Dry Erase markers and boards
  • Classroom Pencils, Electric Pencil Sharpener
  • Classroom Library Books, Science Board supplies
  • Memory book supplies, Prizes, Word Cards, Awards
  • Pencil Sharpener, Dry Erase erasers, Flair Pens, Cardstock
  • End of Year/Summer  Play Day items, Classroom Prizes, Assorted paper, Chart Tablet