Bluebonnet Elementary School PTA - Trailblazer Math
Bluebonnet Elementary School PTA -
Trailblazer Math

Trailblazer Math is a supplemental math program that runs for 16 weeks (October through March).  The PTA sponsored program provides fun, yet challenging math problems to help encourage thinking skills and reinforce classroom math lessons. It is based on the principles of Love & Logic and it teaches responsibility and commitment. This is a VOLUNTARY program that is open to all BES students.  
On Friday mornings, the Worksheets will be available online (you get 1 bonus point for printing online) and a hard copy will be available on Monday mornings at the Trailblazer Math Table (located next to the main staircase at the front of the school)  throughout the week. 
Weekly worksheets are due by FRIDAY mornings NO LATER than 8:30am.  
You can drop your completed worksheets off in your grade level box at the Trailblazer Math Table at any time during the week.
Trailblazer Math Worksheets
Each worksheet is worth 20 points, plus 1 bonus point for printing at home, for a total of 21 points.

All worksheets are PDF files. If you are unable to view these sheets, please download the FREE acrobat reader or please email:

Program Details 

Students new to Bluebonnet are always welcome to sign up for Trailblazer Math.  Just click on Program Details then complete and return a sign up sheet. 
Current students who wish to participate can start at any time by also clicking on Program Details and completing the sign up sheet.                 
Trailblazer Math Appeal Form (question about grading of worksheet)                  
Trailblazer Math Deferment Form (request to turn in late worksheet)
A total of 361 points can be earned throughout the program, including all bonus opportunities. The following AWARDS can be earned for the point levels below.  Awards will be handed out at an Award Ceremony at the end of April.
Points Earned
Turned in all 16 worksheets
Math Dog Tag
140 points
Personal Star on the Wall of Fame
190 points
250 points
Math Ribbon
300 points
320 points
Lunch with Principal Fellows
Trailblazer Math cannot be successful without the help of volunteers. 
  • We need volunteers to help grade worksheets Fridays starting at 8:45am
If you would like to help, please contact TBD  at